10 Not to Avoid Points while Learning Java

If we talk about object orientation, it includes Java one of the best object-oriented languages which is used for mobile and web applications and which is developed by Sun Microsystems. It is a platform independent language because it can be run on different platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux etc. Here are some important points which... Continue Reading →


Understanding Borders in CSS with Live Examples

Web designers need different types of borders around various elements in a web page e.g. text, pictures, videos etc. If you are learning HTML & CSS course then you can ignore borders. With the help of this property we can identify the border of the box and how it should look, here we are talking about... Continue Reading →

Learn Exception Handling in Java

Exception is an event which occurs because of some errors in Java. It is an event which can occur at the time of execution of the code. We can handle exceptions in Java by using some keywords. It’s an easy, flexible, object-oriented and simple software development language. So it supports all the features like classes,... Continue Reading →

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