Differences between Bootstrap and Foundation Responsive UI Development Frameworks

It is too hard to make a decision that which one is better as both are awesome. It is completely and opinionated question and I will put my views about both in points that I have observed in my 3-4 years of experience of Responsive Website Designing.

I am using both but undoubtedly Bootstrap more. There are few points I want to put here and surely they will help you in deciding which framework is useful for your website or application. Although you can use any framework for any type of UI development yet below given points will help you a lot.
Note: I am not giving my views in context of ‘which is better?’

  1. Bootstraps support LESS and SASS both while Foundation supports SASS only.
  2. Foundation has little better navigation and design CSS than the Bootstrap as I felt.
  3. Bootstrap is from well know brand i.e. Twitter while Foundation is from Zurb and obviously it is not as popular as Twitter
  4. Both supports 12 column grids
  5. Foundation has more identical names for its grid class such as small-2, large-4, medium-6 while Bootstrap offers col-md-6, col-xs-2, col-sm-3, col-lg-4 (not making a big difference)
  6. When it comes to deal with Tables then Bootstrap is better than Foundation as Bootstrap offers horizontal scrolling for small screens
  7. In Foundation there is feature ‘Kitchen Sink’ that I like most it helps us in making sure that all the features of Foundation work smoothly when they are going to be used together
  8. If you are Rails programmer than Foundation gives you a rock solid feature to integrate it with your Rails application while Bootstrap not
  9. Both frameworks offer good installation options using Bower and NPM
  10. These both frameworks are completely customizable. You can customize it completely before downloading the project files and even after that too

There are a number of common and unique features in both of the Frameworks. It’s totally depends how you use them to make your projects coming out with all the features. There is not obvious and big reason to ignore any framework over other. Both are very powerful with few exceptions that I gave in points above.

I have developed so many websites using both of the frameworks. Both offer a huge library of CSS selectors, JavaScript components, and Dynamic CSS to manage your large size projects easily.

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