What is Role of Languages in Web Development?

Now-a-days, The web services is growing in whole world. It is source of an information and communication. The web sites are used personally and professionally. We can save our time by online purchase.

 Need of Languages for Website Development:
This is only a part of web developing. Web developers can adjust their web pages or document from the help of programming language. Through of languages, the developer can give a look and formatting in web pages.

JavaScript: It is a scripting language for a web. It is an advanced language from the comparison of HTML. We can edit script after script of HTML and CSS. It is used for dynamic buttons, form validation, games, applications etc. we can work in JavaScript online and offline.

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a programming language for web. It is almost used for apply formatting in content for example bold, italic, underline, hyperlink, border, font size and color.

Python: It is a programming language. we can write the actual code in short and simple. This library is a file that includes previous coded functions. It was designed for web servers that deal with a large amount of traffic.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a style-sheet language for web design. It is used for style format and structure for static web pages. We can set the look of content such as color, layout and font. Now it is also used to create dynamic web pages.

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