Latest Up-dated Web Development Courses

The web is a continuous changing platform, which play host to tons of amazing websites. If you don’t have a complete knowledge to show of your work, then you are one step behind towards latest technology. Because when you start creating a website, apps, software, or portal for web, you need to have a solid command over primary languages and latest updated tools of web development.

ADMEC Multimedia offers more than 50 dedicated courses to help you in learning and applying latest web related knowledge according to the need of a website. These courses are the perfect starting point for your web development, web apps development, software development, and any type of portal related development. You will learn everything from basics to advance level and will be pro in no time.

Some Important web design and web development courses:

  • Web Master

  • Web Premium

  • Web Standard

  • JavaScript Master

  • JavaScript Master Plus

  • AngularJS Master Course

  • Advanced E-commerce Course

  • AJAX Master Course

  • Advanced WordPress Course

  • Web Development Master Course

  • E-commerce Standard

  • Web Development Standard Course

  • Magento Master

  • Software Development Languages

  • PHP Master

  • PHP Standard

  • Advanced Python Course

  • jQuery Master

  • Bootstrap Master

During the course of the day you will learn lots of tips and techniques, from all important aspects such as working out on real time web project, how to create layout of website? Which website will be user friendly and how to create them? and how to promote websites and apps in SERP? You will also learn, where to focus your attention in order to achieve desired output?

Some Salient Features:

  • Special Classes

  • Workshops

  • Quizzes

  • Design Competitions

  • User Experience Classes

  • Commercial/ Applied Art Classes

  • Best Placement Assistance

Whether you are just looking career in web development or working as a freelance or in IT industry but lacks a little or heavily in some of the software or languages, then ADMEC courses will be perfect way to give your career a boost.Now it’s time to grab your ultimate web development knowledge, you can visit our website right now

Training Mode:



Weekends (Sat/Sun)

Only Sundays



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