E-Commerce course in North Delhi

Web Development Institute is a pioneer in providing industry-oriented training in the field of E-commerce. E-commerce is a career-oriented program designed to prepare students with professional skills required to make a successful career in the growing e-commerce industry. The course trains you in industry relevant skills such as web productivity tools, e-commerce implementation, logic building with elementary programming, and building next generation websites.

Electronic commerce or E-Commerce is the process of trading products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet or online social networks. Major e-commerce websites can be built using various open source CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress (Woo-commerce), Drupal (Drupal Commerce), Magento, Opencart etc.


Web Development Institute is providing both certificate and diploma courses in the field of E-commerce:

1. E-commerce Master Course

E-commerce Master Course is a diploma course. The course curriculum has been purposefully designed to train the students with the advanced techniques of website design and web development, shopping cart design & integration with back-end module, payment gateway integration and much more.

Duration: 6 months

Training Mode: Both classroom and online

Topics Covered:

Course content can be broadly classified into below topics:

  • Introduction to E-commerce Websites

  • Developing E-commerce Websites using WordPress (including Woo-Commerce)

  • Creating E-commerce Websites Using Magento

  • Development of E-commerce Websites using Drupal (including Drupal-commerce)

2. E-commerce Standard Course

E-commerce Standard Course is a certificate program. It is designed to provide the comprehensive technical knowledge of WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and Magento Content Management System.


Individuals who want to join this course are preferred to have a

  • Knowledge of WordPress and Drupal

  • Good understanding of Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3 and PHP & MySQLi

Duration: 3 months

Training Mode: Both classroom and online

Topics Covered:

Course content can be broadly classified into below topics:

  • Overview of WordPress CMS

  • Introduction and Installation to WooCommerce

  • Setting up Online store

  • Configuring Payment Gateways

  • Establishing Shipping Options

  • How to use built-in shipping methods

  • Working with Product Data: Adding, Managing & Review

  • Store Configuration

  • Creating Reports and Coupons

  • Installation of Drupal Commerce using Kickstart

  • Product Listing: adding, management and importation of products

  • Workflow Management & Store Organization in Kickstart

  • Installation of Drupal Commerce using Ubercart

  • Getting Started with Magento CMS

  • Setting up Your Store

  • Setting Up Payment Gateways

  • Customizing Your Store

There is one more course for you if you are looking for a multi purpose web graphic user interface designing, web user interface development or web designing, web development using PHP and Python or today’s most popular CMS such as WordPress and Drupal then go for our Web Master a 12 months complete course. It covers website making, web application development, e-commerce website making etc.

For any further information regarding our E-commerce courses, feel free to contact our counsellors at info@admecindia.co.in or call +91 (0) 9811-8181-22. For a free demo, please note down the following details.

Skype Username: admec.multimedia.institute TeamViewer ID: 880 777 049

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