Tips for Better Database and Table Design in PHP

Here I m going to discuss that how can you design database and table in PHP in easy steps. All the steps have explained in an understanding way. After reading this blog your interest in PHP will definitely increase. So, lets start. Before moving a head, I would like to give you a brief introduction to our lovely programming language that is one and only PHP.

Introducing PHP & MySQL

PHP is one of the most popular and demanding programming language used in a huge percentage in all over the world. With the help of PHP we can create a powerful dynamic web sites and applications. To the highest degree almost half of the websites are developed in PHP. It supports most of the web servers like IIS and Apache. It has many useful features that plays an important role in Web Design and Web Development.
PHP works with almost all the popular databases in the world e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSQL, MariaDB etc. but MySQL is the best choice for PHP developers.

Now I’m going to tell you some tips to design database and table in PHP. Steps to Design Database in PHP.

  • Planning
  • Mind Map
  • Naming Conventions
  • Keys Planning
  • Indexing in Database

Lets have a look on the complete explanation of given points.


In any application or project we have to understand the importance of structure of database and app. It is a building block of the project before starting development as an architect plans for a real building around us. The database is the core of most software applications so we have to plan first.

Mind Map

In very simple words mind map is the collection of features used in your app or website. Web developers must understand the importance of mind map because it gives the best direction to plan a best database design. So, we should give high priority to mind map before creating the database.

Naming Conventions

Naming convention plays an important role in database designing. We cannot find the actual path or exact location without any correct naming. So, we should give the identical names for the database, tables, and columns for the better performance of the software. It improves the performance and reduce the development time.

Keys Planning

There are different keys in database such as primary key, unique key, foreign key etc. so we should use according to the requirement and situation. A correct key can boost the load on PHP which can again improve the performance of your PHP application.

Indexing in Database

Indexing of a page is an important factor for best product of the database because without indexing of page we can not perform exact and good approach to database design.


Testing play a key role in database designing. Without finalizing the project we do some mistakes that can be very dangerous for our work. These mistakes can spoil our hard work. So, testing should be taken very seriously.

Points to Consider for Database Tables

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Storage Space Efficiency
  • Importance of Data Types
  • Know Your Every SQL Statement
  • Testing

Lets know these points little deeply.


Speed play an essential role because the database and tables are efficient and use the correct data types and character length, which should be user friendly.


Security enhance to improving tables because you can allow specific data to be stored in the MySQL database and Tables.

Storage Space Efficiency

Storage space is a main factor to store data in tables for the better result and performance of application. We should not give blank space or integer so that space can consumed easily for efficiency of table.

Importance of Data Types

There are different data types like int, float, char, etc . So we should use these according to the requirement and space consumption .

Know Your Every SQL Statement

Before consuming space we should know every SQL statement for better results and better innovation of output of a program which is developed by tables and its statement.


As we discussed in database designing, we must be very careful while testing. It is the last step which can lead our all work. Hence, testing is a necessary part in all the project whether it is database designing or table designing.

So, we have reached towards the end of this blog. I hope this blog will help you to understand database planning using MySQL for PHP better. If you want to be a professional in PHP and MySQL development and want to make your career in web development then please visit Web Development Institute in Rohini, Delhi. It is the best PHP training institute which is offering professional training in Advanced PHP and MySQL database.


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