Best Accredited Online Training Courses in Web and Graphic Design

Are you looking for valuable and proven courses in web and graphic design taught by professionals and experts at a very reasonable price. There is a huge variety of detailed, advanced, and online training courses that will prepare you with the skills and competencies needed to excel in this industry. 

These are particularly interesting because they not only provide industry based knowledge but also will inculcate in you the theoretical knowledge and ideas behind the different course structure.

Do you want to gain skills in graphic or web design but don’t have the time or money to get a degree or certification? So, if one want to gain extensive knowledge in terms of how to think like a designer, illustrator, web designer etc. to develop both broad and in-depth knowledge in professional, technical, or creative fields here, I am giving a solution.

Featured Graphic and Web Design Online Courses

With the rapid changes in the design industry such courses can be completed entirely online. Online training is either completed in the form of short term or through diplomas. When searching for any course, it is important to find that courses that are properly accredited with high rankings to ensure that they meet industry quality standards.

Have a look at some of the best and amazing short term and long term courses in graphic and web that can enhance the career of thousands of individuals who applaud them. 


Graphic Design Related Courses are Mentioned Below:

1. Graphic Master (8 Months)

This is the advanced program in print media that covers all the contemporary aspects of design industry related to computer software, art & sketching, digital painting, and production skills. This course will equip students with a knowledge on design, designing for print media etc.

2. Graphic Premium (6 Months)

The course will make you aware of the basics of various professional designing tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw etc. right through basics to pro-level techniques. You will love to learn through our online training, with plenty of challenges to test your new skills with our experts. Along with this course, you will master Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and will discover how to design for print media. This will also include ad campaigning, typography skills, and different aspects of design. 


3. Adobe Photoshop Master (2 Months)

This is one of the most widely used industry standard image editing software, and is used mostly by creative professionals to enhance their digital images. It is a raster based program where data is depicted in the form of pixels and student will understand the different interface, tools, features, and image resolution, lay outing techniques, background designing, masking etc. 


4. InDesign (2 Months)

InDesign is a desktop publishing application that will make you learn making of different designs, layouts, and publishing of documents. Students who are interested in online InDesign course will learn how to design collateral materials for brands, working with fonts, adding images to relevant texts, formatting text, creating styles, adding graphics, and e-publishing. Our experts will tell you the steps useful for sending a design to the printing unit.

Web Design Related Courses are Mentioned Below:

1. Web Master (12 Months)

This is a long term diploma course in web site design and development that will introduce students to important web concepts, such as identifying the site’s audience, navigation of websites, colors, fonts for a website. This program focuses on gui designing, ui development, and high level back-end programming concepts too. Later our experts will explain, web promotion using SEO and SMO with you and website optimization and user-friendly interface design techniques, domain & hosting types, uploading a website are few also to cover.

At the end we will guide you for your personal portfolio and interview too.

2. Web Premium (8 Months)

Through this advanced web design related course students will learn how to design professional level advanced UI for different types of websites and web applications. Image and code optimizations for faster websites, animation and maintenance, website customization’s, uploading and much more are also covered under this course. 


Advanced web design scripting and programming would also be a part of this course which consists of Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS), jQuery Plugin Development, DHTML, JSON, Basic PHP, MySQL, Ajax, and AngularJS .

3. Web Development Master (6 Months)

This course is very wonderful from our institute to become a successful UI developer and web developer so before opting for this programme, it is expected that one should have good knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. This course will make you aware of the different concepts of website development that are crucial for creating different web pages using advanced programming languages like server-side logics JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Angular, PHP, MySQL, Server-side Scripting, Drupal, WordPress etc. 


Online or distance learning has opened numerous opportunities for career advancement and is a great way now-days for distance learning program that provides study to the students in a self-paced manner for time flexibility they need to balance work and studies. 

This online master degree open the way to new business opportunities by building networks of students with common goals.

Want to explore more and want to have more choices, check out more here. Studying a course at the diploma level means students will gain an in-depth knowledge in their chosen vocational area as well as building higher-level problem-solving skills.


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