String and Regular Expression Object in JavaScript

Hi, I Ankita Saini pursuing JavaScript course from ADMEC Multimedia Institute. String and Regular expression object was the topic of my last JavaScript class. So, I decided to share my knowledge with you as it is an important topic. So, let’s start with an introduction of string object. String Object: In JavaScript Strings are mainly... Continue Reading →


Types of Functions in JavaScript- A Very Easy Explanation

Web designing or UI Development is one of the best industry to join if you love challenges and want to lead a happy life. This industry is one of the top highly paying industry for youth. JavaScript is the key language either you are a web designer or UI developer. So, knowledge of JavaScript matters... Continue Reading →

Select One of the Advanced Web Development Institutes to Boost Your Skills

Are you an aspiring candidate who is looking to enhance his skills in web design, development, client-side/server-side scripting and website security, among other tasks by making an outstanding site in this professional world. However, with increase in the growing competition in this industry, people often develop massive confusion regarding which institute they should choose which... Continue Reading →

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