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Best Web Development Institute for Diploma and Certificate Courses

If you want to make your career in the Web Development industry and want to be an expert web developer then you just need two things “firm determination” and “right guidance”. You have infinite options and choosing one of these … Continue reading

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Graphic Master and Graphic Master Plus Courses Preparing You for Graphic Design Industry

Thinking about creating a website. Great! There are different ways of increasing your online presence and web is one of them. But how to prepare it? For this one has to learn about how to create and present the content … Continue reading

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PHP or Python – Which one is the Most Preferred Web Development Language?

Both PHP and Python are open source, interpreted and high-level programming languages. PHP is used mainly by web developers as a server-side scripting language, whereas Python is immensely recognized as a dynamic and general-purpose programming language. The two programming languages … Continue reading

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Important JavaScript Features, Tools and Libraries to Blow Your Mind

JavaScript is a browser-based language used for adding interactivity to web pages and it has evolved extremely over the past few years. The language was first implemented by Netscape Communications Corp. in Netscape Navigator 2 beta (1995). It can be … Continue reading

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Best 7 Website Development Trends That Will Accelerate in 2017

Technology changes constantly, it’s important for a web developer to know about latest trends to be at the top in web development industry. It can be perplexing when so many updates and developments are being released frequently. We have listed … Continue reading

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Web Development Institute: An ISO Certified Web Design and Web Development Institute in Delhi

Web Development Institute is one of the group companies of ADMEC Multimedia Institute, an ISO 9001:2015 training institute providing short term and long term courses in web design and development. These courses are designed to help individuals to understand the … Continue reading

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HTML5 and SEO: Best Effects to Improve Your Website Online Reputation

HTML5 plays a crucial role when it comes to improving the website online reputation and how it will impact SEO. It is true that the changes and the new concepts in HTML5 will impact web developers, web designers and SEO … Continue reading

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