Importance of a Graphic and Web Development Courses for the Modern Generation in Digital India

The widespread growth of internet marketing has opened various doors for individuals. The establishment of social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have ensured the global adoption of technology. Today, modern generation grew up with digital technology. Thus, the internet, video games and other forms of technology have played major roles in shaping their lifestyles.

Considering that digital technology and the internet have been integrated and infused into the daily lives of modern generation have made them interested in knowing technologies used in Graphic and Web Industry.  

Importance of Graphic Design in Website Development

There are many important factors that determine the development of a good website like graphic design. It is an integral part of web development. Graphic design helps the website to look striking and makes a lasting impression on the visitors to spend more time on the website. With the help of latest application like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. every design is achievable and can be made as per clients need.

  • The use of images and videos on the website are extremely vital as the messages delivered through videos spread like a wildfire and it does also help with viral marketing.

  • The usage of different font styles assists the marketers to attract the eye of the visitor and can leave an impact on the minds of the customers.

  • The use of the color and size of the fonts plays an important role. Graphic designers design the words in a different style and color to deliver a direct message.

  • One needs to be careful with the magnitude of graphics and the size of images and videos. If the size of the images or the videos is enormous then it uploading time will be more which can be frustrating for the visitors which will make them move to a different website.

Graphic Design and Web Development Courses

A great graphic designer could bring zeal factor to the brand name. If companies like Google, Nike etc did not have an unbelievable graphic designer, they would not have eye-catching logo designs. The need for an outstanding graphic designer will certainly constantly be high due to the fact that every brand name desires creative skills in their team. So, graphic design courses from a professional graphic design institute are need of an hour which can guide an individual to mark their career in the field of graphic industry.

 Web development plays an important role in creation of dynamic and interactive websites with the help of technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Drupal etc. The best way to learn web development courses through professional web development institute which includes basic to advance level concepts to give thorough knowledge with latest features.

  • There are no pre-requisites required to join these courses. Any 10+2 passouts, college student or working professional can enroll.

Graphic Design and Web Development are one of the booming and high paying career options in the world today. The demand for graphic designers and web developer has increased due to fast-paced expansions in the sectors like advertisements, the entertainment industry, gaming etc. A professional training can play an important role for attaining the technical skills required for this field.

ADMEC Multimedia is one of the best graphic design and webdevelopment institute imparting professional training through various diploma and certificate courses like Graphic Master Plus, Graphic Master, Graphic Premium, Graphic Standard, Web Master Plus, Web Master, Web Development Master Course, PHP Master Course, C language Course, Core Java Course etc. To know more our courses and a free demo, contact us at or call +91 (0) 981 181 8122.


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Web Development Institute: An ISO Certified Web Design and Web Development Institute in Delhi

Web Development Institute is one of the group companies of ADMEC Multimedia Institute, an ISO 9001:2015 training institute providing short term and long term courses in web design and development. These courses are designed to help individuals to understand the concepts and process of a website design and development. After successful completion of the desired course, students will work on live projects under the guidance of professional mentors with the intention of creating project portfolio which will help students in better job prospects.

Website Designing includes several different skills and disciplines that are used for developing a website. The different areas of website designing include; web interface design, user experience design and much more. The term website designing is normally used to describe the design process relating to the front-end design of a website.

Web Development training is provided by professional developers and programming experts those who are working in the live projects such as PHP, ASP.Net, Java, My SQLi, Phython and other latest technologies so that our student get the maximum benefits while learning.

Courses Offered:

The courses will cover an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites. It will also help in gaining the skills and project-based experience required for web design and development careers. These courses will also help you use a variety of strategies and tools to create websites. Some of the offered courses are Web Master Plus Course, Web Master, Web Premium, Web Development Master Course, Responsive Web Design Master Course, HTML5 and CSS3 Course, jQuery Master Course, E-commerce Standard Course and much more.

Why Us:

  • Industry led Curriculum. Courses are customized to deliver relevant knowledge and skillful professional to the industry.

  • Providing quality training in web design and web development application and techniques.

  • Well-equipped labs with high bandwidth internet connection and comfortable learning environment.

  • Special workshops and guest lectures

  • Opportunity to work on Live projects

  • All our classes are conducted by corporate faculties having years of expertise

  • Get expert career guidance and placement support from our team of certified professionals

Job Prospects:

After completion of the course,

  • an individual can join any web designing and development company,

  • can take web designing projects through freelancing,

  • one can have their own company.

Nowadays, every business is conducted globally using the web. In this digital world, the online presence on the web is vital for every organization to advertise, promote and sell their products and services to worldwide users.

How can this be achieved? The answer to this question is having an online presence by having a professional website that represents the company’s overall profile and business. By joining a professional web development institute will help an individual to achieve this goal.

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Web Master Plus Course at ADMEC Multimedia Institute: Become Full Stack Developer which you want to see

Are you looking to pursue your career and excel in the field of web design and web development, but couldn’t figure out which would be the best course for you?

 A number of reputed web designing and web development institutes will offer different types of courses. The Web Development courses are updated constantly as they are constantly evolving. The steadily changing Web languages, deployment technologies are updated frequently for not becoming obsolete. In order to be cut-throat in this era, it is essential to take in to consideration the finest web development courses available. 

 About Web Master Plus Course

 Keeping the above points in mind, ADMEC Multimedia Institute, an ISO 9001:2015 certified training center is providing a 18 months unique and industry-recognized diploma course focusing on in-depth concepts of website design and development for various segments from print, web design and development to e-commerce portals. As the course will be focused on both front-end and back-end technologies, any individual apart from web design and web development profiles can pursue their career as a full developer too.

Modules of Web Master Plus Course

This Course is divided into 2 Semesters which are further divided into 6 modules:

Semester I –Fundamentals, Graphics, and Programming

This semester will be cover concepts on web fundamentals, web graphics and numerous front-end web technologies which are essential to develop a full functional and responsive website.

Semester II – Server Side Scripting Languages, CMS, E-commerce, Website Promotion, and Portfolio Development 

In this semester, we will be learning all back-end technologies and how to make a website dynamic. It will cover working with content management system , maintenance with promotion of websites and portfolio development.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview of Visual Grammar and User Experience Design

  • Art and Sketching Classes

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • HTML5 & CSS3

  • C

  • C++

  • JavaScript

  • JQuery

  • Responsive Website Designing

    • Bootstrap

    • Foundation

  • Exploring LESS and SASS

  • Testing and Debugging Tools for Responsive Website

  • AngularJS

  • PHP and Python

  • MySQL, SQLite

  • WordPress

  • Drupal

  • Magento

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Social Media Optimization

  • Portfolio & Resume Development

 Learning Methodology: 
 ADMEC’s learning methodology aim is to achieve specific goals of improving individual’s capability and overall performance.
  • Training modules are made as per latest IT trends

  • Students will be assessed on various tasks like performance in projects, presentations, theory and practical exams, blog writing and attendance

  • Real time project training with detailed explanation and implementation of code

  • Various training modes like regular, fast track, weekend and online training

  • Providing course study material

  • Conducting extra-curricular activities like workshops, quizzes, various design competitions which can enhance students’ knowledge

  • Assistance in Portfolio Development and 100% Job Assistance

 This course combines Web design with Web development, which comprises balancing between design and layouts with programming and coding. Individuals will learn how to work with design and programming technologies. This advanced Web Development Master Plus Course equips students with an overall skill-set for design on various platforms. At ADMEC, students can get the right skills needed to have a successful career as a full stack developer.
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Why HTML5 and CSS3 knowledge are essential for Web Designer

If you are thinking about pursuing web design as a career or a hobby, you must be able to do more than simply design a pretty page. The most talented web designers are those which can adequately balance both their creative and artistic sides with technical coding.

As a web designer, there are plenty of different web design standards available. The two most important standards in the industry are HTML5 and CSS3.

HTML5 and CSS3 have become the most popular tools that help in building a well-defined website. Each of them have many advanced features of their own and they can be best used in combination with each other by professional web designers, to create refined web pages with semantic precision.

The latest version of HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is HTML5. It came out with a lot of enhancements over its previous versions, offering improved and advanced ways to meet the increasing demand of cross-device and cross-browser websites.

  • HTML5 is useful in developing interactive websites with high-quality graphics and animations.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) deals with styling of the web content written in the markup language.

  • It is used to write presentation semantics and determines how content should appear in a browser like the layout of the page, font colors and much more.

  • CSS helps in determining typographic features of a web page like font style, color, size, alignment, spacing, border and much more.

CSS3 is the latest version of CSS with lot of improved features like animation and transition properties, text-shadow property, box shadows and much more. It gives better formatting options for striking web pages which can be used by web designers and developers.

Advantages of using HTML5 and CSS3 in Web Design

  1. Improved Page Ranking

The foundation of an HTML5 and CSS3 website is semantically accurate which means the codes are standardized, readable and clear for search engine bots/robots, which makes the web pages attain a higher ranking in search engines when crawling and indexing is done.

  1. Easy Navigation and Attractive Websites

The best way to attract customers is through an attractive, well laid-out and easy to navigate website. It can be possible with CSS3.

  • With the help of HTML5 and CSS3 anybody build sophisticated websites to keep the users engaged which will lead to higher conversion rates.

  • HTML5 supports videos, giving easy and quick access to them on web browser. Audios and videos can be easily tagged and viewed with the help of HTML5 and CSS3.

    3. Cross-Platform & Cross-Browser Support

Both HTML5 and CSS3 support cross-platform and cross-browser. With the help of these standards any website can be functional across multiple devices and multiple browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

  • It will make the websites user-friendly for customers, giving them a good browsing experience and can be accessed on any device by reducing the overall maintenance and development costs.

  • CSS3 media queries are helpful in making any website responsive to fit to the right design according to the screen size.

Multi-platform support is beneficial and important to have in this age of smartphones. HTML5 & CSS3 websites fulfill this need, by attracting more site visitors through smartphones and tablets.

The combined use of HTML5 and CSS3 has been fruitful and will be profitable to every business by attracting more visitors. By using both these tools in web development one can provide an optimized user experience, and staying ahead of competitors.

If you are looking for a professional HTML5 and CSS3 course that can help you to utilize the benefits of HTML5 and CSS3, then ADMEC is the best HTML5 and CSS3 training Institute providing advanced level training for creating feature rich websites.


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HTML5 and SEO: Best Effects to Improve Your Website Online Reputation

HTML5 plays a crucial role when it comes to improving the website online reputation and how it will impact SEO. It is true that the changes and the new concepts in HTML5 will impact web developers, web designers and SEO experts for changes in the Organic SEO policy.

What HTML5 Can Offer:

  • Brings several enhancements in usability and user experience

  • New tags will help developers classify important content

  • Is tremendous for websites rich in media (audio and video)

  • HTML5 websites are SEO-friendly when it comes to website crawling and indexing

  • Is going to be used for mobile applications and games

How will HTML5 affect SEO?

As a SEO expert, you are most likely interested mainly in those changes in the HTML5 specification, which will affect things from SEO point of view. Here are some of them:

  • Better page segmentation.Search engines are getting smarter and there are many reasons to believe that even now they are applying page segmentation.

Page segmentation means dividing a page into several separate parts (i.e. main content, menus, headers, footers, links sections, etc.) and these parts are treated as separate sections.

At present, there is no way for a Webmaster to tell search engines how to segment a page but this is bound to change with HTML 5.

  • <article> tag.The new <article> tag is the best addition in HTML5 from an SEO point of view.

    • The <article> tag allows marking separate entries in an online publication, for example in a blog or a magazine.

    • It is expected that when articles are marked with the <article> tag, this will make the HTML code cleaner because it will reduce the need to use <div> tags.

Moreover, search engines will give more value to the text inside the <article> tag as compared to the contents of the other parts of the page.

  • <section> tag: The new <section> tag can be used to identify separate sections on a page, chapter, book.

    • The main advantage is that each section can have its separate HTML heading.

    • With <article> tag, it can be assumed that search engines will pay more attention to the contents of separate sections. For example, if the words of a search string are found in one section, this indicates higher importance as compared to when these words are found all across the page or in separate sections.

  • <header> tag. The new <header> tag is of great use for SEO experts because it gives a lot of flexibility.

    • The <header> tag is very similar to the <H1> tag but the difference is that it can contain a lot of stuff, such as H1, H2, H3 elements, whole paragraphs of text, hard–coded links (and this is really precious for SEO), and much more.

  • <footer> tag. The <footer> allows to include important information there and it can be used for SEO purposes as well.

    • The <header> and <footer> tags can be used numerous times on one page – one can have a separate header/footer for each section and this gives really a lot of flexibility.

  • <nav> tag. Navigation is one of the important factors for SEO and it eases the whole navigation process. The new <nav> tag can be used to identify a collection of links to other pages.

HTML5 can help us achieve two main goals:

  • To sort the content on the websites for search engines like Google and Bing because their search bots and index warehouses cannot probably sort through all the content on the Internet

  • To have user-friendly websites for visitors

Overall, the enhancements in HTML5 include several features that will improve search engine rankings. It should be considered as an essential weapon for SEOs today.


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Make a Successful Career in Animation Industry With Professional Animation Courses

Animation is the formation of moving pictures or images with the help of technology or animation software. VFX denotes to the creation of awesome effects & realistic environments in films by combining real-life images with animation using special software.

Animation has come a long way and its development can also be seen in the Indian animation industry. Creating animation is all about giving an imagination a picture on the screen. If we talk about the future of animation in India, then we can say that animation has a bright future in India for sure.

Current Size of Animation Industry:

As per FICCI KPMG report, The size of the animation, VFX and post production has grown tremendously from 31 per cent CAGR in 2011 to 51.1 per cent in 2015. Presently India has nearly 300 animation, 40 VFX and 85 game development studios with more than 15,000 professionals working for them.

The report predicts that the animation industry which is currently estimated at Rs 14.8 billion is bound to increase to Rs 20.9 billion by 2020.

Some of the VFX heavy made films are Baahubali, Bajirao Mastani, Dilwale, Bombay Velvet, Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

One of the regional films too are now using it effectively, for example the Marathi film ‘Mitwa’ used around total of 325 VFX shots.

Future of Animation Industry:

Currently the VFX industry is estimated to be of Rs 43.5 billion and will get a significant increase by 2020 and is estimated to grow up to Rs 87.1 billion.

Benefits of Professional Animation Courses:

Animation is a specialized method that is to be learnt in a proper manner from an experienced animation college. ADMEC is one such institute that offers short term and long term professional animation courses in Delhi, India.

  • These courses will teach students in areas of both 3d and 2d techniques enabling them to have a comprehensive knowledge about the subject.

  • The goal of doing Professional Animation Courses is to get complete knowledge on the subject and animation. The acquired knowledge will further help students to make a career in the field of animation. Institutes will focus on practical based training which can give them a feel of working in animation studios.

  • ADMEC Multimedia Institute offers various certificate/diploma programs providing 100% job placement support.

  • Only professional animation institutes can provide courses which are led by expert teachers and experienced professionals from different walks of animation industry.

  • A thorough knowledge on animation techniques and assignments helps students in building their confidence and prepare for future tougher projects.

Animation is a challenging task to create statistic images series that differ slightly from one another. Animation is an essential part of media and entertainment, gaming, medical, architecture industries and much more. Animation field drives talented and creative people towards it. Through skills and expertise learnt from the best animation institutes, it is possible to make your own movies and cartoons that are worth watching.


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Responsive Web Design Institute: A new and prospective way of skill development

In the field of Web design and development, almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential as people are using various devices from iPhone to Kindle — and websites must be screen resolution compatible.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is the most popular approach for the development of websites that are targeted for a wide range of devices and screen sizes. Many users cater to the need of developing a mobile experience for their website.

Technology is advancing at very high pace. The smartphone revolution has catalysed a revolution in mobile application development and web development. Almost all services are now available on various platforms. Website or web applications are now designed so that it can be accessible through Mobile devices, Tablets and much more.

Reasons to switch to Responsive Website

  • With over 460 million internet users, India is the second largest online market, ranked only behind China. By 2021, there will be about 635.8 million internet users in India.

  • Global Internet users have surpassed 3B; India has supplanted the US as the world’s second-largest Internet market.

  • A large amount of Google searches is done through a mobile device.

  • 25% of internet users only access the internet on a mobile device 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.

  • 25.85% of all emails are opened on mobile phones, and 10.16% are opened on tablets.

  • Google unleashed Mobilegeddon, the search engine’s recent mobile-friendly algorithm update. It increases the rankings of mobile-friendly websites, while decreasing the rankings of websites which are not responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

What to look for a Responsive Web Design Institute?

It is of utmost importance to gain technical knowledge in the field of Responsive Web Design. In this blog we have listed some of the key important which every individual should keep in mind before joining any professional training institute for Responsive Web Design.

  • It is a must to have sound knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3. Make sure the training Institute should impart these skills before starting the concept of Responsive Web Design.

  • Providing Adobe Photoshop Course for creating layouts used in Templates, Login Forms, Product Galleries etc.

  • Concepts of LESS and SASS

  • Learning various Grid Systems

  • Working on Responsive Frameworks like

    • Boilerplates

    • Skeleton

    • Foundation

    • Bootstrap

  • JavaScript and jQuery

  • Various projects like making responsive website, Form Validation, UI Development, Slide-shows, Image Galleries etc. which students can showcase in their portfolio

  • Availability of mentors for doubt clarification session

  • 24*7 access to Lab with the latest software installed in every machine and excellent internet connectivity

  • 100% Placement Support

As we continue to move further into 2017, the usage of mobile communications will continue to grow. A great deal can be achieved for any organization with the right mobile strategy in place. And a responsive is one of the best investments for the future of any business. It is the need of an hour to master the art of Responsive Web Design. It is recommended to choose an Institute covering all the above-listed points for a better future.


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