Important JavaScript Features, Tools and Libraries to Blow Your Mind

JavaScript is a browser-based language used for adding interactivity to web pages and it has evolved extremely over the past few years. The language was first implemented by Netscape Communications Corp. in Netscape Navigator 2 beta (1995). It can be used to improve HTML pages and is easily embedded in HTML code. It is an... Continue Reading →


Inheritance Introduction and It’s Types in Java

Inheritance: The literal meaning of the term inheritance is to receive something by succession. This is true for the inheritance feature of java as well. It means that one class, known as a child class or sub-class, acquires the behaviors and properties of another class, which is called the parent class or super class.  Inheritance... Continue Reading →

Types of Array in Java and It’s Declaration

Declaration of array A Java array variable is declared just like, you would declare a variable of the desired type, except you add [] after the type. Here is a simple Java array declaration example: int[]Array; So, it follows the structure: dataType[]ArrayName; These are some more examples: double[] List; String[] Names; int[] Record; When you... Continue Reading →

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