JavaScript Training Institute in Delhi by Industry Experts

Inspired to learn JavaScript! I think you have arrived at a correct place. WDI is one of the best institute for JavaScript Training in Delhi which teaches students as per the current industry standards and is offering out of box unique courses. Our all the courses are designed for beginners, intermediates, and experts for UI... Continue Reading →


jQuery vs. JavaScript: Which One is Better

In beginning many web developers were confused about the term jQuery and JavaScript. And they are aware to know what is actually difference between jQuery and JavaScript. But they may surprise to know that both are same. Generally jQuery is a set of JavaScript API, which is designed to simplify HTML document traversing, animation, event... Continue Reading →

Basics Concepts of JavaScript

Java script is a client side scripting language and it is standardize by ECMA. Its code is written between opening and closing tags. By using JavaScript we can create dynamic web page. JavaScript is embedded within HTML. script tag has "type" attribute you must need to add in scripts tag like.  There are three ways... Continue Reading →

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